Vale Ray Volpatti

2RRR’s Ray Volpatti passed away last Tuesday due to post operative complications from major surgery to remove a tumour.
Ray joined Sydney community station 2RRR 88.5 fm in 1996 as an Announcer and quickly set about establishing himself with his quality jazz program, Ray’s Bag. His well researched show centering on the Be-Bop era was always popular.
Chairman, Manfred Pinson said that during his commercial career, Ray gained extensive experience in electronic fitouts and became a great resource whenever needed. 
“He was so valued that he was quickly taken on by the Board as the Technical Director of 2RRR.  In fact, it is now so hard for us to imagine ourselves without him as he always was on call, upgrading systems, installing new equipment and maintaining the many aspects of keeping the station on air.
“Ray was a very passionate member of 2RRR and the Board as well as a member of 2RES (Eastside Radio), providing support to new members and a great example to the Community Radio Network of Australia. His dedication, generous spirit and professionalism have benefited us all.
“We offer our deep sympathy to his wife Wendy and sons, Jeremy, Matthew and Christopher,” said Mr Pinson.

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