Welcome to the NEW radioinfo

We hope you like the fresh new look. More importantly, we trust you’ll love the new content, focused on radioinfo’s long time standing as the leading “site for broadcast professionals.”

For the next week, the whole site will be unlocked so that anyone can take a look around at no charge. All you have to do is register for free access. If you are already registered, everything should work just as it did before. Just remember to check the Remember Me box when you login, otherwise you’ll have to login everytime you refresh the page.

Here are some of the new features and articles that you’ll see now, or that will be introduced over coming weeks.

Ask The BrainsTrust

We’ve gathered together 16 (so far) of the top echelon of today’s Radio Industry Leaders. These are the people currently holding down the senior positions in content, sales, announcing, creative and so on. They represent the major networks, from all around Australia. 

You get to put your questions to this illustrious panel! And post your own ideas and comments.

The Events Calendar – powered by Look Forward

In a new partnership with Look Forward to enhance our regular Show Prep and On This Day, our Events Calendar will include upcoming tour dates, product launches, movie premieres, sporting events and more, as well as all the survey dates and Radio conferences both here and abroad.

quincysmall_111Win your own tools of trade from AKG

We have a new contest starting soon. Through our partnership with AKG you can win your own tools of the trade – a pair of AKG’s latest professional standard K141MKII headphones (pictured). Even if you’re not on air, they sound great with your own music source.

We have 12 of those to give away plus a grand prize worth around $2,100 which includes a pair of AKG’s top of the line, Quincy Jones endorsed, K702 headphones plus a C414XLS studio quality microphone.

kylesmall_116Interview with Kyle Sandilands

It’s certainly the most detailed interview he’s done since “that incident” last November – perhaps the most in-depth ever. In his exclusive discussion with Peter Saxon, Kyle opens up about “that incident” and how he feels about the ACMA, “the red button” and the “haters” that stalk him – and much more.


Faces for Radio

The Faces for Radio section has always been a great source of networking for our subscribers – a great place to post your pic, bio and air-check. And it returns in a revamped format with more features and users. Go to My Account now to update or upload your profile.

Facebook Page

Associated with our changes we have launched a facebook page where we can all be friends. You can post news of your own announcements, successes and comments, births, deaths and marriages. It will supplement the information on Faces for Radio in a more social way.

Beefed up Search Engine

With such a huge database of stories dating back over more than a decade, radioinfo is a valuable repository of information on the happenings in our industry. The new search engine on the site will now give you better searchability of all our past stories.

Twitter and email

radioinfo has been on twitter for a while now and many of our subscribers use this as an alert service. Are you following @radioinfo yet?

And while you’re at it, did you know we send a daily email alert? With radioinfo’s constantly updating news cycle in the fast-changing world of radio, you may need more than just the weekly. To receive a daily update just check the box in your personal My Account section.

Help us take the bugs out

With any new site, there’s bound to be bugs. If you find any, please email us at [email protected]  Your patience in the first few weeks will be much appreciated.