Where there’s a will…

The Community Broadcasting Foundation has begun a long term strategy to increase funding to the sector from bequests.

At launches in Sydney and Melbourne, CBF President Peter Batchelor extended an invitation to broadcasters and listeners to remember community broadcasting in their wills.

“Community broadcasting represents the Australia we want our kids to have – where access, diversity, independence, localism, social justice and multiculturalism are celebrated.

“By supporting the Community Broadcasting Foundation you are supporting the community broadcasting sector as a whole.

“Every gift, however large or small, makes a lasting and significant difference to improve the viability of community broadcasting.”

At the Sydney launch this afternoon, Batchelor shares the stage with two young broadcasters from community station 2RRR Gladesville (pictured above), who spoke about how they had learnt new skills and gained self confidence through volunteering on community radio. Bequests to the foundation can help the sector empower the future generation of broadcasters.

“By supporting us you are supporting over 450 stations across Australia that are committed to access, diversity, independence, localism, multiculturalism, inclusion and social justice.

“We will always use your gift in the way you want it to be used.”

If you have an existing Will, it is easy to add the Community Broadcasting Foundation according to Batchelor. “It can be done through what is know as a Codicil… a simple update form that gets attached to your Will.
“For more than 30 years, the Community Broadcasting Foundation has been quietly supporting independent broadcasting, and now you can too.”

More details about bequests here and here.


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