Acast gets some Half-Arsed History

Melburnian Riley Knight has had his popular podcast Half-Arsed History join the Acast Creator Network. With 90,000 weekly listeners across the world, Knight’s ‘dumb podcast’ takes listeners on a humorous journey through the ages with absurd and entertaining stories.

Launched in 2018, the ‘Half-Arsed History’ podcast is a more unusual investigation of the past, ranging from the history of the toilet to the lost secret of Greek fire. Each week three episodes are released including a full-length tale from the past, Quarter-Arsed History, bite-sized companion episode, and Monuments which looks at epic builds such as The Pantheon and Stonehenge. Spotify included the show in their 2023 RADAR program.

Knight completed a Bachelor of Arts at the University of Melbourne majoring in History in 2012. When he was unable to meet the demand of the copious job offers such a degree delivers, he started Half-Arsed History six years later

Knight said:

“In high school, my Year 11 history teacher gave me a failing grade, saying my work consisted of ‘a series of unsubstantiated generalisations with no evidence’. I’m proud to say that absolutely nothing has changed since then. It’s still a mystery as to why Acast have agreed to pick up my tinpot history podcast although I’m very glad they did.”

Acast have incorporated in this podcast the option for advertisers to collaborate with Knight on host-read sponsorships and branded episodes for the first time.

Ryan Lamont, Senior Development Manager for Acast AU/NZ, said:

“Half-Arsed History is an Australian success story. To have grown such a large and dedicated audience, with no social presence, is a testament to Riley’s skills as a host and storyteller. We’re excited to work with Riley on deeper monetisation of the podcast in Australia, New Zealand, the UK, US and beyond.”

Acast will host, distribute and monetise Half-Arsed History globally, brokering the deal with entertainment talent agency WME who represents Knight. You can listen to Half Arsed History wherever you get your podcasts.


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