This Is Money, plus spin off podcasts, aim to make finance, career & property more accessible

Australian finance podcast, My Millennial Money, has rebranded to become This Is Money. Hosted by Glen James, This is Money will be accompanied by spin-off podcasts This Is Property and This Is Work, reflecting the growing demand for inclusive finance, property and career advice for people of all ages and stages of life.

James said:

“The world is changing, but behaviours are not. When I created My Millennial Money in 2018, millennials were the ones listening to podcasts. Now podcasting is one of the fastest growing mediums, with a diverse audience. This rebrand marks a strategic move to appeal to a wider demographic, going beyond the millennial generation to empower individuals across all age groups with the knowledge they need to thrive financially.”

Of the two new podcasts, James said:

“Everyone may not own a house, but they own their career and should treat it like an asset, this is how important your career is! When it comes to property, we can get overwhelmed as there is a cultural norm to look to buy a house in the next street to where we grew up but simply can’t afford. A lot of the teachings on our property podcast help people understand other options in relation to property.”

About This is Money

Hosted by Glen James, This is Money is an Australian podcast and community providing personal finance, property and career education needed to live life on your own terms.

About This Is Work

It’s time to build the career you love and the ‘This Is Work’ podcast, hosted by Shelley Johnson, helps you navigate your way through work.

Now is your time to make the decisions, call the shots, and create the career of your dreams. Whether you’re changing industries, getting your first job or trying to get a pay rise, there is something for you.

About This Is Property

What if your property strategy could be solved just by listening to a podcast? Well, with John Pidgeon and Emily Wallace in your corner, their wealth of experience and knowledge is sure to kickstart your property goals.

Whether you’re looking to buy in a hot market, finding out what to look for at open homes, setting your budget, or buying your seventh investment property, you’ve come to the right place.

The three This Is podcasts are hosted, distributed and monetised by Acast as part of the Acast Creator Network, and available on your favourite podcast platform.

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