Fall asleep to Jack Laurence’s Crime at Bedtime podcast

People were telling the host of true crime podcast One Minute Remaining, Jack Laurence, that listening to him would help fall asleep. Instead of taking offence Laurence has invited them to take him to bed with them with the new series Crime at Bedtime.

This is Laurence’s fourth podcast, produced by EARSAY, after he left radio in September of 2022 to launch One Minute Remaining – Stories from the inmates, a No 1 on both Spotify and Apple podcasts charts and likely to exceed five million downloads this year.

Crime at Bedtime aims to mix mindfulness and breathing exercises with a true crime story from around the world.

Laurence said:

“You’re always a bit nervous releasing anything new but I think even more so for me with this project as it is very different to what I’ve done in the past, I’ve really loved putting the episodes together so far so I hope everyone enjoys it”.

Released weekly you can listen to the first five episodes of Crime at Bedtime now, wherever you get your podcasts from.

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