Hamish and Andy leap into podcast return

The Hamish and Andy podcast returns on LiSTNR this Thursday, February 29, with the duo hoping to reclaim No 1 on the Australian Podcast Ranker, a position they’ve held a record 23 times.

Finally released from their ‘government mandated break’, Hamish Blake and Andy Lee leap into 2024 discussing what the show stands for and what it doesn’t (the Croc Wars are OVER). They talk about the sneaky ways they get tasked jobs at home and mistakes that they wish could be erased from the internet forever (why was there a Croc Wars in the first place?)

Hamish and Andy said:

“We are pumped to be going into our seventh season of the Hamish & Andy podcast. That’s about the same number of seasons as The Sopranos, but we can assure everyone that one of the lead characters in our show doesn’t get ‘whacked’ during this season.”

Good to know. Another thing that won’t need to be erased from the internet.

New episodes of Hamish & Andy are available weekly on LiSTNR from Thursday the 29th of February, 2024.

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