Mick Molloy and Titus O’Reily give you more ways to celebrate the bizarre

Mick Molloy and Titus O’Reily have found that there really is too much bizarre in the world to be confined to one podcast and so they have expanded to become Bizarre with Mick Molloy and Titus O’Reily, with more episodes, stories and laughs.

After the success of the pair’s original Sports Bizarre podcast, about the weird and the wild across sporting genres, Molloy and O’Reily have discovered the same strangeness in the natural world and now have an additional weekly episode called Animal Bizarre.

Molloy said:

“From seagulls who are too fat to fly, drunk echidnas, a crypto-investing hamster, racoons hell bent on disrupting a ‘gender reveal party’, and a bear who invaded a military base, every week we will be looking at the most bizarre stories from the animal kingdom.”

O’Reily added:

“We’ve been thrilled with the ongoing success of Sports Bizarre – and we will continue to find the weird stories from the sports world, but we’ve always wanted to branch out with other topics. When it comes to the stories we tell about animals, we are like David Attenborough if he didn’t fact check and had an incredibly poor understanding of wildlife.”

Bizarre with Mick Molloy and Titus O’Reily will have two new episodes weekly on LiSTNR. Sports Bizarre episodes will continue to be released every Monday, and Animal Bizarre episodes each Wednesday.

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