New and returning podcasts on Listnr today

Federal Treasurer Josh Frydenberg is one of the first sitting politicians to launch a podcast, breaking away from traditional news bites.

Co-host Sarah Grynberg will ask Josh about some of the most pressing topics that everyday Australians want to know more about, including how Australia will emerge stronger from COVID-19, the economy, the mental health of children and more.

Sarah Grynberg says, “I am excited to be sharing the mic with Josh Frydenberg to highlight all the current and urgent issues affecting our daily lives as Australians. We’ll dive into a rich tapestry of topics from the ongoing pandemic and its impact on business, travel, education, and mental health. We aim to cover it all.”

The new Josh Frydenberg Podcast with Sarah Grynberg will release episodes on LiSTNR each month.

More on the entertainment side of things, Journalist, producer and self-professed sticky beak Chris Walker returns with the second season of his podcast Brains Trust.

The episodes feature interviews with some of the nation’s most interesting and intelligent personalities as they discuss the big stories and issues currently facing society whilst learning about their own personal challenges.

Chris says, “I am thrilled to be launching season two of Brains Trust where I will enlist some of the country’s most interesting, funny and complex people to help me, and hopefully you, reflect and better understand the world around us. These guys aren’t experts necessarily, but they all have big brains. They are people I admire and hopefully what they
have to say can help us all appreciate ourselves and our lives a little better and give us a laugh.”

Upcoming guests  featuring on the show include podcaster, social media icon and reality TV superstar, Abbie Chatfield, the best-selling author, public speaker and gender equality advocate Jamila Rizvi, comedian, producer and host of The Weekly, Charlie Pickering, as well as former football star turned journalist, Tony Armstrong.

The first two episodes of Brains Trust season two are available now on the LiSTNR app.

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