28 years of Cactus prickles

When How Green Was My Cactus turned 28 years old this week, the show’s producers Triffique Productions and the rest of the cast and crew, received a special surprise when actor Robyn Moore turned up with a huge Birthday Cake plus bottle of bubbly at today’s recording session.

Writer Doug Edwards created the series with a view of it comprising just 65 episodes. Today episode 5820 of the political and social satire was put in the can.

The show recently overtook Blue Hills to become Australia’s longest running radio series.

Keith Scott and Robyn Moore have been with the show all along, and do all the character voices between them, and Bill Dowling has been driving the studio for 25 of those years.

Cactus is distributed by Grace Gibson Productions: 02 9906 2244 or [email protected]

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