Boo Yeah! Cactus celebrates 26

It’s 26 years since the first recording of HOW GREEN WAS MY CACTUS.

Initially designed to be a 65 episode send-up of the Hawke/Keating government triggered by Paul Keating’s infamous ‘banana republic’ comment, the show has been in non-stop production ever since with a record-breaking 5,285 episodes in the can to date.

Creator and chief writer Doug Edwards has been there since Day One, as have Australia’s top voice impersonators Keith Scott and Robyn Moore who now handle all the voices in the show.

CACTUS has won a heap of industry awards as well as five AWGIEs from the Australian Writers’ Guild for the Best Comedy Script (all media).

Recorded at Bill Dowling’s TSD Studios, Bruce Ferrier of Grace Gibson Productions handles its distribution to stations around Australia, many of whom have also been on board since the beginning.  

And it still cuts the mustard brilliantly!

Happy Birthday, Cactus!


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