Ben set to jump for a cure

4BC’s new Drive Announcer, Ben Davis, is the father of 3 beautiful children.

His 7 year old daughter Mackenzie is one of the many Australians with type-1 diabetes, so he understands first hand what sort of affect the disease can have on a family. 
Type-1 diabetes is an autoimmune disease that strikes children and adults and lasts a lifetime. 122,300 kids and adults in Australia have the disease, and this number grows each year. Progress in type 1 diabetes research has been extraordinary, with continued advances that are improving the lives of those living with the disease.

So using his ability to reach a big audience through his 4BC show, Ben has set out on a fund raising drive to aid diabetes research. The culmination of which will see him jumping out of a plane on March 15 at Coolum Beach.

Ben has a fear of heights but is putting that aside to sky dive from 14,000 feet as a part of the “Jump to Cure Diabetes” fundraiser this year.

Ben’s wife Beck made the jump last year, raising over $6,000. Ben’s goal is to raise more.

Talking about the jump on his fund raising page, Ben says “If our 7-year old daughter, Mackenzie, can have up to 7-needles a day to stay alive — and never complain — then jumping out of a plane’s no big deal, right?”

“As a parent you do anything to help your children, but as a type-1 parent you feel so helpless.  Yet, this is something I can do help Mackenzie and the hundreds of thousands of Australians who battle everyday” said Ben.

To find out more, visit Ben’s personal donation page at JDRF Australia here

Ben’s daughter Mackenzie

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