Bill Shorten hits two stations in Perth for Breakfast

Opposition leader, Bill Shorten eschewed the traditional commercial AM talk shows for FM breakfast visiting not one but two FM stations on Monday in Perth.

Of course, it’s easier when both stations, hit92.9 and mix94.5, are in the same building. 

At hit92.9 it was Heidi, Will & Woody’s love show with Mr Shorten opening up about what love means to him and the story around how he met his wife.

“Perhaps initially when I met her that connection hadn’t been there,” he said. Probably because the first time he met his wife-to-be, she had been sent in by management to foil his campaign plans and keep him off site at a scheduled talk to labourers at a cement factory.

“My wife is an incredibly special person,” Mr Shorten confided. “She’s been without a doubt the single best supporter I’ve had in my journey.”

Of course Heidi, Will & Woody couldn’t help but ask a trick question: they insisted he spread the love to the Liberal Party by saying something nice about both the party and Malcolm Turnbull

The video below reveals what he said.


Over at mix94.5 Mr Shorten jumped on the phones to officially open The Kids Appeal by taking the first calls from 7 am. 

He told breakfast hosts Clairsy, Matt & Kymba “The health system should rely on well-funded hospitals through Government but the generosity of individuals does make a difference.”

Hear more of Bill Shorten on mix94.5 here.


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