Cats and Radio Stations do not Mix

From the ‘Could it happen here’ files: The Cyprus Broadcasting Corporation (CyBC) has ceased live radio transmissions because of a flea infestation!

Dozens of stray cats, which live around the station, have been blamed for the outbreak.

Although CyBC broadcasts news on the hour, two of its three radio channels have had to drop normal programming.

Action was taken after some staff said they were sick.

The stray cats roam CyBC’s headquarters and have made it their home, thanks to feline loving employees.

Rika, an elderly poodle and the unofficial CyBC mascot beloved by all, is also thought to be a culprit because she is allowed to wander the corridors.

In the past, the stray cats have also been known to crawl into the air conditioning vents and disrupt live programs.

CyBC Senior Manager, Michalis Stylianou, says it is inevitable when you have ‘all these strays wandering around’.

“We are proposing the cats to vaccinate the cats or get rid of them – the dog should also go.”

A CyBC memo to staff says the studios will remain closed for a full 24 hours, but insiders believe it will take longer.

The broadcaster is fumigating its flea infested studios.