Celebrities can go to Kyle and Jackie O, I care about the people who listen to this show: Em Rusciano

After resisting pressure from Channel 9’s PR department and playing a pre-recorded interview with Boy George, Em Rusciano has taken to facebook to slam the television station’s PR team and justify her decision to air the embargoed interview.


The sh*t is hitting the fan because we played our Boy George interview today, 9 wanted us to wait until it suited them, I didn’t accept that.

It’s not their show, it’s ours.

I have literally had 6 phone calls about it already today.. SIX. For one little interview which was f*cking epic and will give their show more publicity now than it would have got, had we waited..

Expect us to be sh*t canned tomorrow in the media.. We apparently pissed off some very powerful people.. I’m predicting “Lowest rating show in Sydney won’t play by the rules who do they think they are” and other such delights as that.

I just don’t care if they’re upset with us, I care about the people who listen to the show. I don’t think they’re accustomed to being told NO. I won’t be intimidated, look if I lose my job – at least it was over Boy George. Go and listen to our podcast now before it gets pulled! It was a GREAT interview.

Boy George spoke to Em and Harley to promote the new season of The Voice.

Introducing the interview Rusciano said:

“Don’t tell us what to put on our show… don’t say, ‘if you play it we won’t give you our Channel Nine celebrities.’ Oh, I’m so sad Karl Stefanovic won’t come on…

“I don’t care if we never interview another celebrity ever again. I don’t give a sh*t, that’s not what you come to our show for. Everyone go to Kyle and Jackie O, I don’t care. All the celebrities, go to them, because that’s not what our show is.”

Rusciano’s tactics are certainly getting her publicity and spicing up the FM breakfast wars in the Sydney radio market.

By breaking the rules and playing the interview, she managed to scoop Kyle and Jackie, who were planning to have Boy George live on air later this week co-hosting the show with them.  Looks like the gloves are off and the ratings war is hotting up… it may get ugly.

Listen to the segment below.


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