Compliance essential but ACMA should not inhibit legitimate station operations: Jon Bisset

The CBAA has told radioinfo it is aware that the ACMA has contacted a number of stations around Australia regarding their representation of their station’s sponsorship opportunities as advertising.

Chief Executive Officer Jon Bisset (pictured) says these issues “warrant further discussion.”

“The CBAA is committed to supporting stations to act in the spirit of community broadcasting, including through supporting their compliance with licence regulations. However, it is also our high priority to ensure that directives on community radio stations are within the scope of existing regulations and do not inhibit legitimate station operations.

“Some of the matters raised by ACMA that potentially affect station revenue, are of particular concern, given that financial sustainability is the top challenge faced by community radio stations of all sizes and locations.

“We have contacted the ACMA and will continue to work with them to resolve this issue.”


The letters from the ACMA, sighted by radioinfo, warn about three concerns: advertising, sponsorship from outside the broadcast area, and use of agencies, saying:

“The complaints relate to [station name redacted] representing sponsorship opportunities on its service as ‘advertising’, including that advertising on the service is cheaper than on commercial
“In addition, [station name] is alleged to be seeking sponsorship opportunities for its service from businesses that are located outside the Stations licence area, including through the use of ‘advertising’ agents to sell sponsorship announcements.”


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