“Elettra” to screen at Radio Days Europe

Australian documentary ‘Elettra’ premiered in Rome last week to both critical and popular acclaim.

The film now has its French premiere this Sunday 13th March at Radio Days Europe.

The ‘Elettra’ film production family, including the film-makers, Ben Star and Patrick Kayrooz and their hosts, were very aware of the sad and sensitive nature of the investigation activities in Rome last week and kept their premiere events respectfully low-key. 

‘Elettra’ is the story of Marconi, the inventor of radio.

‘Elettra’ takes us inside Vatican Radio with Princess Elettra Marconi, with a never-seen-before tour of two of her dilapidated family palaces (which she wants to turn into universities for the arts), and hear how she has spent her life keeping her father’s legacy alive. The story is told through the Eyes of Ben Starr, a life-long radio teacher and innovator.

These pictures are from the World Premiere screenings in Rome at two stunning palaces and in the Vatican itself.. at Palazzo Massimo di Pirro, inside Vatican Radio, Villa Aurora (at the top of the famous Spanish steps).. and the French screening is at the Palais des Congres, in Paris.

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