Erin’s big announcement

Hope 103.2‘s Afternoons announcer, Erin La Macchia, is expecting… twins!

Erin is a well-known announcer with Hope 103.2, beginning as the Nights Announcer in 2006, Presenting Saturday Night’s ‘Fresh Across Australia’ youth program, and braving early morning starts on the Breakfast Team from 2011 to 2013. These are the first children for Erin and her husband, Sam whom she has been married to for almost five years.

Erin says, “It’s been a long wait and has been made all the more special by the fact that we’re blessed with two. It’s thrilling and something I don’t take for granted.”

When asked if she had experienced many pregnancy symptoms Erin replied, “Yep… all of them!  Okay, some of them… On the whole, things have been going well. For the first trimester I experienced unrelenting nausea. I really couldn’t eat very much, but thankfully (and hopefully this is not too much information) I wasn’t “physically sick” too often. (Although there was one time in our brand new car! I drove with a bucket from that time on.) It’s funny looking back at that time. There were a few occasions when I’d be on air, and when the mic was on I’d be my usual bubbly self, but what people didn’t know was that during the songs, I was usually hanging out quite closely to our studio bin, just in case…”

Erin will finish up on her Afternoon show from early March and is anticipating that her twins will arrive safely sometime in late April/early May.


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