How Did You Want Your Audience to Feel?

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When I was a PD, one of the things I’d ask the talent in an aircheck session was…… “Before we listen to this, what was your goal… did you want your listeners to feel?”

The biggest failing when communicating to an audience whether its on the air or on stage is simply not giving enough thought as to WHY you’re doing it and WHAT you want to achieve. What is the desired EMOTIONAL out take?

The lack of that thought process often leads to long winded, self indulgent talk breaks with a low entertainment value.

Did you want to leave them entertained? And exactly what does that mean? How do you quantify it?

Did you want to tug at their heart strings? Did it work?

Did you want to inspire them? To do something they would not normally do….something that helps others in need or their own personal wellbeing? Did it work?

Did you want to make them laugh? How often did you think you succeeded?

Did you want to change their opinion/attitude towards a certain topic? Yes, that’s a tough one….but the great Talk show hosts know exactly how its done.

Did you want to surprise and delight them? Did you succeed? Surprise is all about doing the unexpected…not being so predictable. Delight occurs when one exceeds those expectations. Ultimately leaving them thinking “Oh wow, that was great!”.

Did you want to grab their attention and fascinate them by providing content that is not only of great interest to them but is also something they didn’t already know? Yes……another “oh wow” moment.

Did you want to be memorable (for all the right reasons)? So memorable that they’ll tell their friends about it…..the ultimate “oh wow” moment.

If you’re a PD and your goal is to become a more effective talent coach, ask the talent what they hoped their audience would feel BEFORE you press play on that air check.


David Kidd





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