Kyle & Jackie O’s The Fatchelor

Kyle & Jackie O‘s “The Fatchelor” is all about SUPERSIZED love… 

It started last week when listeners were introduced to Mark, weighing in at 120kg, he was a ‘Fatchelor’  looking for love. Kyle & Jackie O put the call out to find five women – Kylie, Tiffany, Kylie, Carlee & Milica – who would be interested in participating in a series of dates similar to the television show, The Bachelor.  
And just like TV, there were plenty of twists and turns and an ending NO ONE saw coming.

The first round kicked off with ‘speed dating’ where each “Fatchelorette” did her best to impress – singing, ‘mating calls’ were all part of the fun on day one.
For the first group date, things got interesting with a Fatchelor Life Drawing Class, where each of the “Fatchelorettes” artistic skills were put to the test as they drew Mark while he posed in the nude. 
Along the way Mark was put in the tricky position of needing to eliminate one of the “Fatchelorettes” after each group date but one decision was taken out of his hands with the SHOCK exit of Carlee who decided not to stay in the competition because she wasn’t interested in having more children but she knew Mark would like to. 

With just two women remaining, perhaps the biggest test of all was the next challenge – The Fatchelor’s ex-wife and mother of his children, Chantelle, got to do her own interview with Tiffany and Milica on air.
Today on KIIS 1065’s Kyle & Jackie O show it was time for Mark to make his final decision, and some might say he was in the perfect position, with two great women Tiffany and Milica still keen to go accompany him on a dream holiday to Fiji.
After describing his feelings, the Fatchelor revealed that ever since Milica sang to him on day one, she had his heart! So, unfortunately, it was time to say goodbye to Tiffany.
Mark handed over his chocolate Roses to Milica and it seemed like a fairytale romance was about to bloom until Milica broke down in tears.
She revealed that although she did love Mark and thought of him as a “great friend” she felt there wouldn’t be a relationship from her side of things.
Mark was devastated, but with a spare ticket to Fiji he asked Tiffany if, even though she was the runner-up, she would consider accompanying him to Fiji.
To everyone’s surprise, Tiffany agreed and the pair are now set to enjoy a Fiji getaway together.

Watch the videos here.


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