Magic 105.9 helps reunite father and daughter

After two decades of separation and deception, Magic 105.9 Port Augusta has helped unite a father and his daughter.
22 years ago, Tony was led to believe that his ex-girlfriend had aborted their child after the couple separated. Unbeknownst to him, she gave birth to a girl, feeding her the narrative that her father had abandoned her at birth.
That girl, now 22 year old Adriana, finally found out about her birth father and used facebook to connect with him.
Magic 105.9’s breakfast duo Matt & Gracie picked up on the story from facebook and had Tony and Adriana call in to the show.
After revealing that Adriana was desperately working two jobs to save the money to meet her father, Barbara – a local travel agent, and Ken from the local Harvey Norman called in, offering to cover the costs of Tony and Adriana reuniting.
Listen to the audio below.   


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