Mel Grieg and Tim Dormer working on a project together

Talent Agent Sara Eastwood, who represents both Mel Grieg and Tim Dormer, has told radioinfo this morning that there is “a project in development.”

Eastwood would not elaborate on details at this stage.

Responding to a report in the Daily Telegraph’s Confidential gossip column, ARN Group PD Duncan Campbell told radioinfo yesterday that his network is not in discussions with the pair about anything, but there are other possibilities.

The project may not necessarily be a radio program.

Eastwood, from the Inspired Talent agency,  would not confirm whether it was radio or tv that the pair’s project was pitched at, but confirmed that the two are working on a project together.

Speculation that the two radio presenters were talking to KIIS may have come from the INF papparazzo who snapped the pair having lunch together then later talking to a KIIS producer at an industry function.

Dormer reviews movies for Kyle and Jackie’s KIIS breakfast show, so is familiar to KIIS production staff. Grieg, who used to work for Austereo before the tragic nurse prank, is also known to the former Austereo, now KIIS staff member.

Both presenters have been gradually increasing their profile in recent weeks, with Mel Grieg returning to twitter @melgriegradio and Tim Dormer starting a blog.

On his blog this week he wrote about people he has met as a result of his Big Brother experience:

The world is full of weirdos like me who make it a more interesting place. The moment you realise you don’t have to change anything about yourself to fit in, to stand as a proud misfit and love yourself is one of the most empowering and liberating feelings I think a human being can ever feel. I’ve made it my mission in life to live this way, because you never know who might be at that moment of nearly giving up. So here’s to the crazy ones…together, we will change the world.

Photo: INF, authorised use

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