New Radio 360 charts reveal the audience split between All Radio and Streaming

For the first time, in the two new sets of charts (below), which track Share and Cumes respectively we can see the level of migration from All Radio (AM/FM/DAB+) to Streaming (apps/online/smart speakers) that has occurred to this point. In subsequent surveys, it will be interesting to see the rate of migration from radio to streaming. With the growth in smart speaker sales, migration is likely to accelerate accordingly.

While none of these new figures seem to have disrupted the established radio order, there are, nonetheless, plenty of surprises.

First up, take a look at the shares for Sydney’s 2GB in the first spread sheet. It has a 12.2% share of all listening – the same as on the regular share chart we’ve come to know and love. Yet, it has a 12.7% share of all free to air broadcast listening (AM/FM/DAB) AND a whopping 21.2% share of all audio streaming listening which includes website streams, 2GB app, Radio app, iHeart Radio app, TuneIn app and every other app that streams live broadcast radio. By comparison, the next best station in streaming is KIIS1065 with just 11.0 even though it has a superior 14.8 share of FTA broadcast listening.

Then take a look at KIIS 106,5 on the Sydney Cume chart. It shows an overall cume of 1,418k – again, exactly the same as the regular chart. It then shows 1,337k for All Radio listeners and 312k that listen through apps etc. But when you add the two together it comes to 1,649k – which is more than the total number of ALL listeners. How can this be?

Simple. The 1,337k figure is a ‘pure’ cume number which is unduplicated. That means that each listener (aged 10+) was counted just once in the period  (Mon-Sun 5:30am-midnight) regardless of whether they changed platforms during that time. The other two figures reflect the fact that a KIIS listener who may listen on DAB+ at the breakfast table at home, would count as one listener on ALL Radio.  However, if they then get on the train and listen through the RadioApp on their smart phone, the they would then be counted again as a Streaming listener.

Peter Saxon – Managing Editor

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