Nice new logo Sean, but what is it?

Sean Craig Murphy celebrated 10 years as the owner of Australian Radio School with the launch of the new logo and new website this week.

But is seems that not everyone is seeing the same thing when they look at the new logo.
Sean says, “I’ve shown the logo to a lot of people in the last couple of weeks and not everyone sees what is intended in the logo.”
“The reaction from those who do work it out makes it worthwhile though. You can literally see them have that lightbulb moment.”
Some of the incorrect guesses so far have been:

  • Looks like how I draw grass
  • Alan Jones’ heart rate when someone mentions Jacinda Ardern
  • MMM, let me think 😉
  • iPhone Sound wave

And if you haven’t worked it out yet, it’s a map of Australia made out of a soundwave.

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