NZME powers up vaccine roll-out with company-wide campaign

New Zealand Media and Entertainment has launched a company-wide multi-platform campaign across all its media brands to promote the Covid-19 Vaccine Roll-out.

NZME Chief Executive, Michael Boggs, says “Every New Zealander who rolled up their sleeves and got vaccinated brought Aotearoa another step closer to being free from the worst that Covid-19 can throw us.

 “Getting as many Kiwis vaccinated as possible is a project all of New Zealand Media and Entertainment’s radio networks, digital platforms and social networks will get behind – to protect ourselves, our whanau and our way of life.”

The NZME wide campaign launched at the weekend with the New Zealand Herald’s editorial initiative The 90% Project which is aiming to get 90 per cent of New Zealand’s eligible population fully vaccinated against Covid-19 by Christmas.

The 90% Project is also being supported by Newstalk ZB and NZME’s regional newspapers the Bay of Plenty Times, Rotorua Daily Post, The Northern Advocate, Hawke’s Bay Today and the Whanganui Chronicle.

NZME Managing Editor, Shayne Currie, says “A 90 per cent vaccination rate will open New Zealanders’ front doors – and our borders – to freedom and put businesses and the economy on an upward trajectory. But critically, it will save lives and once again allow us to prosper and thrive.”

Coast Breakfast co-host Toni Street told the Herald on Sunday it was the safety of others, including her three children, that’s driving her desire to see the country vaccinated as soon as possible.

“That is actually my biggest concern and would be my biggest reason to tell people to get vaccinated at the moment. We can’t get our children vaccinated. I just think people need to change their thinking a wee bit and think about others and not just the safety of themselves.”

It was also family that prompted fellow Coast host Sam Wallace to get vaccinated straight away, and he says, “The reason I wanted to get vaccinated is because I think it’s the safest move for my family. We have vulnerable people in my family including my Dad who’s had cancer treatment and I’ve got three young kids and I want to provide them the safest environment to grow up with.”

In her column in the Herald on Sunday Newstalk ZB Mornings Host, Kerre McIvor, said, “For those who are just faffing around, taking a wait and see approach – please. For the sake of your fellow Kiwis, particularly those of us in Auckland, for the sake of all those families doing it so very tough, for the sake of the doctors and nurses in our public health system, for the future of this country, do your bit and get jabbed.”

NZME’s Roll Up Your Sleeves Aotearoa initiative will run for 14 weeks.

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