Prospector partners with Roy Morgan to provide enhanced business intelligence

Promising more radio sales opportunities.

The IRD Group, whose suite of products include Prospector which is used by major radio networks across Australia to help drive sales, has announced a new partnership with high profile market research organisation Roy Morgan.

Through the new partnership, Prospector clients can expect to benefit from a more 3D approach to business intelligence with additional market research, news and insights.

Results from Roy Morgan’s Customer Satisfaction Awards and market research findings now sit alongside Prospector’s advertiser profiles to offer users an even broader perspective.

IRD Group has also introduced Industry Snapshots, bespoke reports created by the Discovery Team, IRD’s in-house research department. These reports are exclusively available to IRD clients and provide a top-line view of industry verticals. They cover major players and brands, combining these with talking points, such as ‘trends’ and ‘emerging players’. In addition, financial insights and links to company reports are being included for the first time.

Speaking about the innovations, Matt Skinner, Managing Director, IRD Group says, “Our partnership with Roy Morgan and the introduction of the new features is a major part of our continued push to equip our clients with access to the best business intelligence available, intelligence that can transform the way they do business.”

Chief Executive Officer of Roy Morgan Research, Michele Levine, said, “Roy Morgan Research monitors the pulse of Australians by surveying over 50,000 consumers and 20,000 businesses each year. Roy Morgan produces summaries and highlights that will be relevant and useful to many industries and businesses. This will now be available via the IRD platform as well. This partnership highlights the role of market research in the sales process, recognising the critical importance of understanding your market and target audience in achieving your desired results.”

Disclosure: radioinfo Editor, Peter Saxon is also a Director of IRD Group.

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