Ratings survey 5 results: Sweet KIIS for Jase & Lauren, Nova powers ahead in Perth

Radio ratings survey 5 results have just been released.

  • With 4KQ out of the Brisbane market as it transitions to SEN, there is lots of movement on the AM band in that city. SENQ will return to the surveys when it has a full survey period with its new format to report
  • A big increase for ACE Radio’s Classic Hits music station 4BH
  • Nine talk station 4BC also gains
  • 3AW drops, but still way ahead, 2GB gains slightly, both top their markets
  • 6IX up in Perth, FIVEaa up in Adelaide
  • WSFM slips in Sydney
  • KIIS gains in Melbourne
  • Nova up in Perth
  • ABC drops in Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth

The survey was conducted by GfK for Commercial Radio Australia between Sunday May 22 to Saturday Jun 25 & Sunday Jul 10 to Saturday Aug 13, 2022.

Previous survey results here. See also: DAB Results, Spin Cycle

The interactive data graphs are below the raw figures. Click the city charts to enlarge them.




  • 2GB top, up 0.7 to 13.6%
  • Second placed KIIS slips 0.1 to 10.1%
  • Third placed smooth gain 0.1 to 9.7%
  • 2GB wins breakfast ahead of KIIS and ABC Sydney
  • KIIS wins drive ahead of smooth
  • Demographics: KIIS wins 10-39s, WSFM wins 40-54s, 2GB wins the over 55s


  • 3AW top, down 1.2 to 14.5%
  • Second placed GOLD slips 0.3 to 11.8%
  • Third placed smooth gain 0.1 to 9.3%
  • 3AW wins breakfast ahead of GOLD and NOVA
  • 3AW wins drive ahead of GOLD
  • Demographics: NOVA wins 10-17s, smooth wins 18-24s, KIIS wins 25-39s, GOLD wins 40-54s, 3AW wins the over 55s


  • NOVA top, up 0.4 to 13.0%
  • A good gain for second placed B105, up 1.1 to 12.2%
  • Third placed KIIS slips 0.8 to 10.8%
  • NOVA wins breakfast ahead of B105
  • Both AM stations gain over 2 share points in breakfast as 4KQ exits the music format market
  • NOVA wins drive ahead of B105
  • Demographics: NOVA wins 10-17s, B105 wins 18-39s,  NOVA wins 40-54s, Triple M wins 55-64s, 4BC the over 65s


  • First placed ABC Adelaide falls 1.9 share points to 11.7%
  • Second placed NOVA gains 0.8 to 11.0%
  • Third placed MIX is steady on 10.6%
  • AM talk dominates breakfast, with ABC ADELAIDE winning breakfast ahead of FIVEaa
  • SAFM wins drive ahead of NOVA
  • Demographics: NOVA wins 10-39s,  TRIPLE M wins 40-54s, CRUISE wins 55-64s, ABC ADELAIDE wins the over 65s


  • NOVA top, up 01. to 16.5%
  • Second placed MIX slips 0.3 to 12.5%
  • Third placed 96FM slips 0.4 to 10.0%
  • NOVA dominates breakfast,  scoring almost twice its nearest rival, MIX
  • NOVA wins drive ahead of MIX
  • Demographics: NOVA wins 10-54s, 96FM wins 55-64s, ABC PERTH won the over 65s

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