Spin Cycle: Survey two 2023

The Spin is in from the PR and Marketing departments for the latest radio ratings survey.





Highest ever cume for SCA, delivering an audience of 6.133m people

#1 People 25-54, DAB+ reaches 1.379M+ listeners

The LiSTNR podcast network achieves new Australian record of more than 8M monthly listeners


The #1 Network P10+, P25-54, W25-54 (inc.DAB+)

The #1 HIT Network nationally reaches 4.297m listeners every week (inc.DAB+)


#1 Station overall

#1 Share P10+ (inc. DAB+)

#1 P25-54 (inc. DAB+)

#1 Breakfast P10+


Biggest audience in Melbourne with 1.28M listeners (inc. DAB+)

Biggest breakfast show audience with 678K listeners

#1 Breakfast P25-54 and W25-54

Carrie & Tommy #2 P25-54 and #1 W25-54

Hot Nights with Abbie #1 P25-54 and W25-54



Best share result for Hughesy, Ed & Erin

Best share result for 2Day Breakfast since 2018

Highest breakfast cume ever P10+ since Survey 8 2013, up 46k

913K people are tuning into 2DAY FM every week

P10+ increase 1.1 share points to 5.8
Breakfast increase 1.1 share points to 5.4
Drive up 1.6 share points to 7.2


#1 Share P25-54 and W25-54 (inc. DAB+), #2 Share P10+ (inc.DAB+)

#1 Breakfast W25-54, #2 Breakfast P25-54 and P10+

Carrie & Tommy #1 W25-54

MIX 94.5

#2 Share P10+ (inc. DAB+)

#2 P25-54 (inc. DAB+)

#2 Breakfast W25-54. Up 1.7 share points

Hot Nights with Abbie #2 W25-54 and P25-54


#1 Share M25-54, Triple M Network reaches 3.04m listeners P10+ every week (inc.DAB+)

The Marty Sheargold show at 3pm, #1 Share M25-54 nationally

The Rush Hour at 4-6pm, #1 Share M25-54 nationally

Triple M Adelaide

#1 station overall, highest cume ever

Biggest share since 2014 (inc.DAB+)

#1 Share Breakfast P10+, P25-54 & M25-54 (FM only)

#1 Share M25-54 (inc. DAB+)

Rush Hour #1 M25-54

Marty Sheargold #1 Share M25-54 (3-4pm)

Triple M Sydney

#2 Share M25-54
P10+ increase 1.1 share points to 6.1 (FM only)
Mick and MG in the Morning increase 0.6 share points to 5.8
Drive up 1.0 share points to 7.0 (4-7pm)
Marty Sheargold #1 Share M25-54 (3-4pm)
Increase in both cume and share point across 10+, breakfast and drive

Triple M Melbourne

#1 Share M25-54 (inc.DAB+)
Rush Hour #1 Share M25-54, up 2.4 share points
Triple M Melbourne reaches 876k people every week (P10+ inc. DAB+)
#2 Share M25-54 Marty Sheargold (3-4pm)

Triple M Brisbane

#3 Share P10+, P25-54 and M25-54

Triple M Melbourne reaches 509k people every week (FM only)


Triple M Perth

#2 Breakfast M25-54

170k people tune in to Breakfast every week, up 4k

Source: GfK Metro Survey #2 2023.  P10+/P25-54/W25-54/M25-54, Share to All %/Share to Selected % (inc DAB+)/Cume Reach (000’s), Mon-Sun ROS/Mon-Fri 05.30-.0900/Mon-Fri 15.00-18.00/Mon-Fri 15.00-16.00/Mon-Fri 19.00-21.00/Mon-Fri 16.00-18.00/Mon-Fri 16.00-19.00.






Triple M Breakfast with Roo, Ditts and Loz have continued their meteoric rise in Adelaide, achieving a share increase of 1.3% in this morning’s radio survey results, taking the show to an impressive 14.2% share in the Breakfast time slot and becoming the Number 1 Breakfast show in Adelaide (source: GFK Radio Survey 2 2023).

Triple M Adelaide also achieved the Number 1 station title, with a share increase of 1.3% which took the station share (P10+) to 12% and a station record-breaking cumulative audience of 304,000 listeners.

After spending eight out of the last 11 surveys as Number 1 on the FM dial, Laura ‘Loz’ O’ Callaghan, Mark ‘Roo’ Ricciuto, Chris ‘Ditts’ Dittmar say hard work helps them sustain success, saying: “Everyone’s hard working. Everyone contributes and does their bit and has their strengths. Everyone does bring something to the table and it all blends together.”

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