Winner of Pat Bryson’s sales book and a smart speaker

Ian Wright is the winner of our competition for Pat Bryson’s book and a Google Dot smart speaker.

His entry, lodged via our facebook page reads:

Thank you to Colin, who I met once back in his 3WM ownership days, a smart operator, along with then Manager, Ian Toull.

One of the basic sales tips I first learnt when thrown into Sales aged 19 was ALWAYS

(1) Find out ‘who’ the real decision maker is and

(2) Do everything possible to reach that person or persons with your tailored station pitch. It will save you time and make you and the station money. That was 1973 and nothing has changed in 2021 !

Your prizes are on the way, we hope they reach you before Christmas.


Two other very useful tips in our entry pool were from Rick Broome, who advised:

Number one tip? Listen!!!! Stop giving your sales pitch and actually listen to what the client needs! Then help them get it!

and Ray Kington, whose top sales tip is

My tip is to work hard to find the problem the client needs solving then give them the solution to their problem. Marketing solutions over selling.

Thanks to all those who entered via the comments box, facebook or by sending us email entries.

We wish you a merry Christmas and a happy New Year!


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