Music is what feelings sound like: Adam Ferrier at HEARD 2024

“Audio is in great shape… the audience is growing,” said Ford Ennals, opening today’s HEARD conference in Sydney.

 “The content on audio has never been sharper and more relevant. It enables your campaigns to reach more audiences than ever on radio and through podcasts.”

Adam Ferrier spoke about how his love of radio grew from community radio shifts on RTR FM in Perth and 2MCE in Bathurst to his current love affair with the medium. After community radio he had a regular spot on ABC Radio evenings and now runs Thinkerbell, a creative audio agency.

Ferrier began his talk in a dark room with no presentations and nothing onstage, not even himself.

For about 15 minutes he spoke and gave instructions to the audience that demonstrated the power of audio.

His point was that music can reach parts of the brain that words cannot reach. Words can reach parts of the mind that pictures cannot.

When Ferrier finally came on stage he explained the psychology behind the power of audio and the distraction of pictures, people and movement.

“We don’t value the audio medium with the reverence it deserves. You’re now looking at me moving around on stage, looking at the slide, it’s distracting.”

Quoting a UK study he explained that video attracts the most attention, but audio is much more stimulating emotionally and that is where it can be used most effectively for advertising.

Audio is also versatile as a secondary medium, “you can do the washing while you’re listening.” That helps messages to be absorbed at a much deeper subconscious level. And audio advertising is a lot cheaper than video.

“Music is what feelings sound like.”

“We often forget about the simple power of radio and audio,” he concluded.

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