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Radio Tomorrow with James Cridland

The BBC’s unfortunate bullying of Fortunately listeners
Radio Tomorrow with James Cridland

 Try to listen to the new season of Fortunately, a podcast from the BBC, and you’ll be told you can’t.

It’s a show that BBC produces which never makes it on the radio. Instead, it follows the same genre as many podcasts do: two friends chatting over a coffee with a special...
15 January 2019

New year's resolutions for radio

Radio Tomorrow with James Cridland

Welcome to 2019. How are your personal New Year's Resolutions going? I thought I'd suggest a few for the radio industry

Lower your ad load - twelve or even fifteen minutes of ads an hour is a poor experience when compared to many of our competitors. In many cases, ads are being sold at a spot rate that hasn't changed in thirty years. Easier said than done, but this is a nettle that...

08 January 2019

Radio in 2019 - some predictions
Radio Tomorrow with James Cridland

What will we see in radio in 2019? My job's to look at trends in radio consumption, not really future-gazing: but perhaps I might offer the following thoughts:
Smart speakers will continue to grow. Google's ecosystem is much larger than Amazon's, though if you only measure on sales of Google or Amazon branded units, Amazon still has the upper hand. This is good...

11 December 2018

Flipping for Christmas in the UK
Radio Tomorrow with James Cridland


In the US, it's relatively common for radio stations to suddenly flip to playing Christmas music. You can go to bed one night, wake up and discover that your favourite station is suddenly playing nothing but Rockin' Around The Christmas Tree or All I Want For Christmas Is You.
Ireland has a station called Christmas FM which runs...
04 December 2018

Standards are boring - but they are there for a reason
Radio Tomorrow with James Cridland


Tune in to many FM stations with RDS signals in France, Italy or the USA, and you’ll notice that some stations try putting some now-playing information over the 8-character radio station name. Watch, and it slowly scrolls through a song name, or - worse - some advertising. It’ll normally scroll once every two seconds, due to the way RDS works, so it scrolls really very slowly; and...
27 November 2018

Check your speakers really are smart
Radio Tomorrow with James Cridland


I’m swearing at my smart speakers a little this week.
I’ve a few Google speakers in the house, including a Google Home Hub - the one with a little screen on it. It’s great as a radio from my point of view, since it has a decent-ish speaker on it (better for voice than music, though). It’s good for radio, since it has a good big...
20 November 2018

Radio in the car - a better experience
Radio Tomorrow with James Cridland


About 50% of all radio listening happens in the car (the figure’s lower in countries like the UK, but higher in places like the US).
In many ways, radio’s best in the car. Radio - the original multitasking medium - lets you concentrate enough to drive your 1,300kg (2,800 lb) metal death-machine along busy streets alongside soft, vulnerable fleshy pedestrians, while...
13 November 2018

New technology: bad for radio?

Radio Tomorrow with James Cridland

Automation Killed The Radio Star, says the latest blog from Dick Taylor, a US radio writer.

Two things about this.
The first is the use of a lazy Buggles headline. Radio is still very much alive, with 9 out of 10 people in most...

06 November 2018

Podcast measurement: more standardised than you’d think

Radio Tomorrow with James Cridland

It was interesting seeing one of the pieces of news coming out of Radio Alive, the radio conference in Australia, recently: the Australian radio industry are putting together a Podcast Working Group “to spearhead the development of the growing podcast industry in Australia”.

Their press release...

24 October 2018

Do you really need a radio studio at all?

Radio Tomorrow with James Cridland

I still remember my first look round a radio station. In spite of writing to Signal Radio in Stoke-on-Trent and being ignored (shame on you, Signal), Radio Aire in Leeds held an open day, and I got to look round the studios. I remember being amazed by the equipment, and was astonished at how great the jingles sounded on the decent studio monitors; and the...

15 October 2018


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